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Spam, in almost any form, is bad for your health. The vast majority of Internet users would agree with that statement and no one would think to lunch finally processed meat product made by Hormel. Even the word itself is infectious in the worst forms, used to describe the dark side and often deceptive side of everything from email marketing to a forum abusive behavior. In the field of search engine optimization, spam is used to describe the techniques and tactics that think you are banned by search engines or for unethical business practices.
Seo Spam

While writing a copy of our website will soon be revised, the team put together a shortlist of the most extravagant forms of spam we had seen in the last year and a brief explanation of the technique.

Please note that not encourage, endorse, or suggest the use of any of the techniques listed here. We do not use them and the sites of our customers continue to rank well in Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask. Also, since Google has been the dominant search engine for nearly five years, most spam tricks evolved to game Google and may not apply to other engines.

1. The mask

Also known as "stealth" cloaking is a technique that involves serving a set of information search engines known as a different set of information is displayed on the documents seen by customers. While there are extraordinary situations in which the use of camouflage could be considered unethical in the practice of the day to day SEO, it is not required cloaking. This is especially true after updating the Google Jagger algorithm, which uses documents and links as important factors story classification.

2. Delivery IP

IP delivery is a simple form of concealment in which a single set of information is available based on the number of IP information-query originated. IP addresses are known to be based on search engines a set of information served while unrecognized IP addresses, (supposed to live-visitors) poured himself another.

3. Pages Leader

leader pages are a series of similar documents each designed to meet the requirements of various search engine algorithms. This is one of the original SEO tricks dating back to the early days of the search when there were nearly a dozen major search engines rated less than one billion documents. It is considered spam by major search engines as multiple incidents see what is practically the same document. Other than that, the technique is no longer practical as search engines take into account a much wider range of factors than the arrangement or density of keywords found in the only documents.

4. Networks mini-site

Designed to exploit a critical vulnerability in early versions of the algorithm PageRank of Google, mini-site networks closely resembled the leader pages except that tended to be much larger. The establishment of a mini-site network involved the creation of several issues related to the product or all linking back to a central site sales sites. Each mini-site would have its keyword rich URL and designed to meet the specific requirements of each search engine. Often it could be expanded by adding leading information pages. Building networks of links between mini-sites, a link was created artificial density that could greatly influence the perception of the importance of Google's main site.

In the summer of 2004, Google penalized several prominent firms SEO and SEM for the use of this technique by banning their entire customer lists.

5. Link Farms

link farms emerged as free-for-all link depositories when webmasters learned inbound links heavily influenced Google. Google, in turn, quickly devalued and eventually eliminated the PR value is assigned to the pages with a collection or a disproportionate number of links. However, link farms persist as uninformed webmasters, and SEO companies continue to use unethical.

6. Blog and / or spam Forum

Blogs and forums are amazing communication technologies and essential, which are widely used in the daily conduct of our business. As with the other

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